What should Village of Golf residents do after a storm?


Once skies have cleared, it's time to assess your home and property, and put your recovery plan into effect.


    • The Village of Golf’s goal is to maintain the safety, health and welfare of its residents.  Following a hurricane, staff will perform a general damage assessment throughout the village; this will not include entry into your home.  Residents should arrange to have their own assessments done of their property including the taking of photos for insurance purposes. 


    • Following a storm, debris should be placed curbside in a manner that does not impeded traffic.  The Village will provide removal services for this debris.  In the days and weeks following a storm, it will be the responsibility of individual landscape companies to remove this vegetation debris. Dumping debris at any staging areas located throughout the Village will not be permitted.


    • In the aftermath of a storm, Village staff will make every effort to provide Update Bulletins to distribute to residents during recovery operations.  For those residents out of town, these updates will be posted on the Village’s website (www.villageofgolf.org) and recorded messages will be recorded on our main telephone line: 561-732-0236.  Such messages will be recorded at least twice daily until normal operations resume.