Before a Storm

In the event of a hurricane, the following alphabetical information is presented to highlight some of the preparations residents should take to minimize property damage and preserve life.  This information is not meant to be all-inclusive but to serve as a guideline.

Alternative Water Sources

Capture water in your water heater by turning off power to the unit and closing the water valves.  If you lose water pressure, you will have about 40 gallons of fresh water stored in the tank.  Store additional water in your bathtub and fill the washing machine with water.  This water supply can be used for cleaning or to operate your toilets during a power outage!

Contact Information

It is critical to keep Public Safety informed of your most current contact information should the need arise to contact out of state residents during an emergency. 

Notify family and friends outside the area of your whereabouts if you leave the Village prior to a storm.  


Don’t forget to clear your patio and yard of lawn furniture, toys, potted plants, and other debris that could blow around in high winds and cause damage or injury.


Create a document library that includes a copy of your insurance policy, personal records, important phone numbers, an inventory of household items and a list of medications with dosages along with your pharmacy’s phone number.  Keep documents in a safe, dry place. 

Emergency Kit

Create an emergency survival kit that includes:  first aid supplies; water; batteries; flashlights; battery powered radio; fire extinguisher; manual can opener; prescriptions; baby food and diapers; pet food; bathroom supplies, canned and dried foods; credit cards and cash; tarps; heavy garbage bags; duct tape; rope; bleach; whistle; tools; charcoal or gas grill with plenty of fuel; wooden kitchen matches, soap and hand sanitizer.  Don’t forget a cellphone charger for your automobile and a hardwire phone (cordless phones will not work during a power outage).

Have two kits ready:

           A large kit with three days of supplies for every member of the household, and

           A smaller kit in case of evacuation.


The Village of Golf is located inland and is not considered by emergency officials to be an area in need of evacuation (the threat of storm surge is severe).  Evacuating one’s home is a personal decision that should be evaluated well in advance of an event.

Fill Up

No more than three days before landfall, have a full tank of gasoline in your vehicle.  It may be a good time to obtain an additional propane tank for your gas grill.

Garage Doors

If your garage doors are not rated as “high wind resistant,” kits may be purchased from your local home improvement center or garage door retailer to reinforce garage doors with “door bracing kits.”  During a storm, garage door failure may lead to internal pressure build-up that could potentially blow out the structure’s walls and roof.

Main Breakers

Identify the places around your home where you can shut off your gas, water and electricity.  In an emergency, you’ll want to be able to turn them off quickly.

Shelter Locations – A Last Resort

Park Vista High School – 7900 Jog Road, Boynton Beach

Atlantic Community High School – 2455 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach

Bring only what you can carry!

Shelter for Special Needs

If you or someone in your family has special electrical medical equipment needs, notify FPL (800-226-3545) prior to a storm’s arrival.  Village staff often cannot respond to individuals with special needs during or immediately after a storm.  When warned of an oncoming storm, make an early decision to evacuate people with special needs.

Shelter for Pets

There is only one shelter in Palm Beach County that can accommodate pets and their owners.  It is important to plan ahead and decide what you would do with your pet in the event of a disaster striking.

Shuttering Your Home

Ensure you are able to install your home’s shutters – help may not always be there in time to protect your property.  NEVER nail your doors shut – ALWAYS have an exit plan in case you have to leave your home quickly.