General Information

Building permits are required for all construction (trade) work, or repair, involving a structural penetration of a building shell including doors, windows, roof repair or replacement of covering or sheathing, drilling, grading, earth moving, paving, sodding, fencing, or any other work requiring inspection by the Building Official.


Permits may be obtained from the Village Administration Office.  The Village of Golf began accepting the Universal County-Wide/Municipal Building Permit Application Form in 2013.  


Building permits are required for several types of work in the Village. You may click on each link to be directed to each section.  You may also view the current rates and fees. Finally, please ensure you are familiar with the date and time restrictions for your project.


Construction Hours

Construction activity, when authorized, is permitted Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. No construction or commercial activity is permitted at any other time; or on Sundays and holidays.


Construction Moratorium

A general construction moratorium is imposed from the Fall to the Spring seasons.  Exact dates are set each year by the Village Council but Village Code prohibits construction before April 1st.  It is the responsibility of the property owner, their contractors and agents to be aware of the exact dates and to plan accordingly.  The Moratorium includes but is not limited to utilities, streets, sodding, heavy landscaping, pruning with a chain saw, and the use of heavy equipment or the production of loud noises is prohibited, except to the extent that such construction activity is deemed necessary for emergency repair in the interest of health and safety, and approved by the Village Manager.


Additional Information

The many other provisions and restrictions which pertain to construction activity cannot be fully covered in this summary. Should you contemplate construction activity, please contact Village Hall at 561-732-0236 for additional information on construction, restrictions and the issuance of building permits.