Village Looking at Underground Power Lines

Village News
October 26, 2017

The power outages we experienced this hurricane season are prompting a renewed examination of whether to replace our overhead power poles with underground power lines.

Several municipalities in our area are looking at similar efforts, including the Town of Palm Beach which currently has a task force working with FPL and other utilities to replace all their overhead lines with underground power lines. Studies have shown underground lines are safer and more resistant to outages during storms. Therefore you may be asking why don't all municipalities move towards underground power. The answer, to a large extent, is cost.

Installing underground lines is expensive, and may not be practical for all areas. But we want to know if it would be a good fit for our Village. That is why the Village Council has just approved funding for the Village to work with FPL and study the issue. We will be evaluating the costs, benefits, and feasibility of replacing our overhead lines with underground power lines.


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