Gate Transponders Can't Be Shared

Village News
November 12, 2017

We have become aware that an increasing number of people are choosing to not affix the gate transponders to their windshield and may be using them in other vehicles that are not registered with Security.

This is not permitted and creates a serious safety issue.

The transponders are issued by security to specific vehicles. They must be permanently installed and may not be removed and used in other cars. Once the transponders begin to float between cars, security has no way of ensuring vehicles coming through the gate belong to authorized residents or club members. You are not permitted to hold up the window transponder as you enter.

Transponders are issued to residents of the Village for each car registered with a Village of Golf address. Club members are issued no more than two transponders only if there are two members living at the same address. If you have been issued a $25 window mounted transponder that is not affixed to the window, please stop by security to have it adhered to the windshield. If your vehicle is newer with electronics embedded in the windshield and the transponder does not work, you will need to purchase an under-car transponder for $85. That transponder can be moved to a new vehicle if you purchase one. Window mounted transponders cannot be moved to a different vehicle. Hand held transponders will be deactivated Dec. 15.

Please remember, having a transponder is a privilege that is designed to ensure the safety and security of Village of Golf residents and guests.



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