Village of Golf, Florida Newsletter - April, 2018

A Note From Village Manager Christine Thrower

Dear Resident,

One of the great joys of living in South Florida is our ability to enjoy beautiful weather almost any day of the year. I love seeing residents walking the neighborhoods, connecting with friends and enjoying the sunshine. As you head out to walk the dog or get some exercise, please remember a few important safety tips.

If you are walking, please walk on the left side of the road against traffic. This ensures you are aware of oncoming cars and drivers are aware you are on the road. If you are biking, please bike on the right side of the road moving with traffic. Additionally, if you are walking or biking after sundown please wear bright clothing to ensure drivers can more easily see you.

By remembering just a few common sense tips we can make it as safe as possible to enjoy our beautiful village and our beautiful weather.

Village Leadership Sworn In


Village of Golf Mayor Thomas E. Lynch and Vice Mayor Michael E. Botos have been sworn in to serve village residents for the upcoming year. The oath of office was taken during the most recent village council meeting. Both men were previously on the council and are continuing their service.

Pay Village Charges with Your Credit Card


It just got more convenient to take care of Village charges. You can now use your credit card at the Village Hall post office, to purchase gate transponders, and to pay for permits and water bills.

All four major credit cards are accepted. To ensure security, the Village will not retain any credit card information on file. A convenience fee (that goes to the card processor and not the village) of just over two percent will be added to any transaction.

Construction Season Began April 3rd


The annual village construction season began April 3rd. The window to work remains open until the fall. There are specific rules regarding what can be done and when it can be done. For all the answers, check out the new construction section on the Village website. CLICK HERE.

Village Ticker Tape Parade Cancelled...


Did we get your attention? OK, we confess there was never a ticker tape parade planned for the Village. But we want to remind residents who shred papers before discarding them that they must be secured inside bags that won't open. We've had a few incidents of bags opening up and turning the streets into the aftermath of a World Series Championship parade. Please do your best to keep our village clean.