Village of Golf, Florida Newsletter - December, 2017

A Note From Village Manager Christine Thrower

Dear Resident,

This is the time of year to which I look forward. Returning residents create an energy and sense of community as friends and neighbors return and reconnect. The spirit of the season seems to lift up the entire Village, and I want to wish everyone happy holidays. Unfortunately, in addition to serving as chief village cheerleader, at times my role also compels me to inject just a small amount of "bah humbug" into my monthly message.

Our annual population increase is leading to a rise in the number of drivers disregarding our village speed limits. Speed limits within the village are not suggestions. They are legal limits that carry the same penalty for violation as any other limit outside the village. We are taking steps to reduce the number of violations and I invite you to read more about them below.

I ask that for the safety of our community, you make a special effort to obey the limits. I further ask that you urge your family, your vendors, and your guests to do the same.

Thank you for your cooperation, and once again I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a healthy new year.

New Patrols Added for Speeding Enforcement

A rise in speed limit violations is prompting an increase in enforcement.

Keep an eye out for new radar-equipped traffic enforcement vehicles around the Village. The usual security will soon be supplemented by additional officers running radar.

The new patrols will also include video recording to capture speeders' cars and tags.

Please remember, the village speed limit is 25 mph. This is a legally enforceable limit and violations can lead to Florida traffic citations. Repeat violations may also lead to suspension of Village gate transponders.

A Recycling Etiquette Reminder: Break Your Boxes

'Tis the season for opening lots of items that come in boxes. That makes this a great time to remember proper recycling etiquette.

When dropping off your boxes, please make sure to crush them so they take up as little room in the dumpster as possible. We empty the dumpster twice per week. Yet even with such frequent service, we often run out of room because boxes are not crushed before being dropped off.

Watch for New Exit Gate Arm Timing

The Village is looking at changing the timing for the exit gate.

The gate will soon no longer open automatically as a car approaches. As part of a new effort to reduce village speed violations, the exit gate will be opened manually by guard house personnel. While this will not add any delays as the gate will be immediately opened for most drivers, it will allow security to hold a vehicle if it has been caught speeding through the village.

Therefore, please slow down as you approach the gate and wait for it to open. Do not assume it will open as you approach.

Christmas Tree Pick-ups

If you have a Christmas tree that you need to get rid of, please make sure it is curbside on January 3rd by 8:00 a.m. This is when crews will be picking them up.

Fireworks on January 15th

No, it's not Ground Hogs Day. New Year's Eve isn't coming twice! Quail Ridge Country Club will be celebrating the opening of their new club facility on January 15th. As part of their celebration, there will be fireworks around 8:30 p.m. Just a heads up in case you want a little New Year's do-over!

Nobody Wants Their Front Yard To Look Like This

As you know, the roads in the Village are relatively narrow. When delivery trucks, landscapers, and other vehicles are parked in the roadway, passing traffic is often forced to drive onto the opposite grass to get through.

If you have workers or delivery vehicles park outside your home, please make sure they pull over as far as possible. An even better solution is to have them park on your driveway. In addition, if there are already vehicles parked on one side of the street, please try to park on the same side. This avoids the need for passing traffic to zig-zag their way through.