Village of Golf, Florida Newsletter - February, 2018

A Note From Village Manager Christine Thrower

Dear Resident,

The start of the year has been a busy one here in the Village.

We recently received some good news regarding clean up costs from Hurricane Irma. We have learned that FPL will not be charging us - or you - anything extra to cover their rebuilding expenses.

We continue to follow the issue of Home Rule and how it could affect the village. Home Rule powers (contained in the Florida Constitution), are what allow cities or villages like ours to control their future without interference from the state legislature. There are several efforts underway in Tallahassee to strip local municipalities of their authority to govern themselves. The Village Council recently passed a resolution declaring its opposition to any effort to chip away at home rule powers.

Finally, we are hearing more about the Country Club's expansion plans. I invite you to read the article below to learn about what role the Village will play in the future construction.

As always, my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns (or compliments).

Country Club Construction: What Role Does Village Play?

Several people have been asking about the approval process for construction of new facilities on property owned by the Country Club of Florida. 

If club members approve the lifestyle center and associated recreational amenities, the Club will apply to the Village under the Special Exception Use which is required by our code for any additional buildings on property owned by the Country Club of Florida.

While the code does not regulate setbacks and building height for nonresidential property, the Special Exception Use spells out the types of things the Village Council may require, particularly as they pertain to ingress and egress, traffic, pedestrian safety, parking, utilities, landscaping, signs, lighting, and relation of the new development in scale and character of the neighborhood.

The site plan review process will require approval by the Village Council at a public meeting.

Kudos! Speeding Down In Village

Thanks to residents that have done their part to make our Village a safer place! A recent focus on reducing speeding in the Village has been a success. Security personnel report a significant drop in the number of drivers ignoring the 25 mile per hour limit inside the Village. Even chronic speeders have apparently gotten the message.

Resident Gate Now Closed Overnight

As part of the Village's ongoing efforts to enhance security, the resident gate will now be locked down overnight.

The resident entrance will be closed from midnight until 5:00 a.m.

During those hours, all drivers (residents and visitors) will need to stop at the visitor gate where security will control access.

Don't Leave your Keys in Your Car

The Village continues to be among the safest communities in South Florida, but that doesn't mean we are immune to what happens outside the gates.

It is never a good idea to leave your keys or key fob in your car when you're not there. If you leave your car, ask yourself: "Where's the Fob?" The answer should be: it's with you and not in the car.