Village of Golf, Florida Newsletter - March, 2018

A Note From Village Manager Christine Thrower

Dear Resident,

Our village as been incorporated since 1957, just one year after the club first opened its doors. For sixty years, we have embodied the true meaning of community and camaraderie. As a village born out of the love of our state's most treasured sport, we may also hold a special place in history.

This month I have been meeting with historic preservation officials from Palm Beach County to pursue official historic designation for the Village or the areas around it. As a municipality created around the game of golf, we may be worthy of state designation. While this would be an honor, I am also pursuing this for more pragmatic purposes as well.

More than a new plaque in the area, official historic designation would afford us more control over the future of the area. If the state designates portions in or around the Village as historic, it would change the rules for future development and afford us more control over future decisions.

For now, this is all in the early stages, but it promises to be an interesting discussion as it progresses.

As always, my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns (or compliments) on this or any other topics.

Undergrounding of Power Lines Still Under Consideration


The Village is continuing to investigate what would be involved with replacing overhead power lines with underground lines.

FPL and Village officials have been in discussions for several months, and a cost estimate to replace the poles in the residential areas of the village is expected soon.

Several municipalities across Florida are converting to underground lines due to increased reliability, improved aesthetics, and better storm durability. The Town of Palm Beach is just one that is currently converting their entire town to underground power lines.

Any final decisions would be made by the Village Council.

Speeding Infractions Remain Down In Village


For the second month, village security reports the number of speeders in the village is down.

Stepped up enforcement, increased use of traffic cameras, and changes to gate procedures are credited with the reductions.


Do Your Part to Discourage Unwanted Visitors


The Village has seen an increase in some "unwelcomed" guests, and officials are asking residents to do their part to discourage their visits.

A trapper has been hired to get rid of an increase in the number of raccoons spotted around the village. So far, about a half dozen have been relocated. But like many unwanted house guests, they only seem to show up when there's something to eat!

Village ordinances prohibit residents from putting garbage out the night before collection days. When trash is left out overnight it is an invitation for an overnight raccoon party! In addition, all trash should be placed in cans. Plastic bags should not be left out on the street. Finally, please check to make sure the trash can cover can be secured from prying paws!

If you see a raccoon, please call the Village Manager's office at 732-0236.

...and In Other Trash News...


The dumpster outside Village Hall is for recycling.

It's not a dump site for household trash. Please do not leave your regular trash around the dumpster. If you will be away during a pick up day, please call Village Hall to make arrangements to get rid of your regular trash.