Mail Procedures

Services available are first class, parcel post, certified mail (next day service), and purchasing of stamps. Mail is placed in mailboxes Monday through Saturday; however, there is no window service available on Saturday.  Residents who wish to have mail forwarded must provide either a completed USPS forward order form or establish a pre-funded account for payment of postage. Residents who choose to have an account will need to provide staff with a self-inking forwarding address stamp. If a package is too large to fit inside a mailbox, a red stick will be placed in the mailbox to indicate there is a package that has been placed on the open shelves against the wall in the foyer. A blue stick inside a mailbox indicates that the Post Office is holding a registered or certified letter, which must be signed for prior to pickup. Outside solicitations of mail from non-residents are not accepted.

There are two areas designated for OUTGOING MAIL (mail to be sent outside the Village). They are:

  • Blue drive-up postal box, located in the parking lot at Village Hall. Hours of pickup are posted on the box.
  • A mail slot marked “Outgoing Domestic and International Mail” is located in the foyer of Village Hall.



INTERNAL VILLAGE MAIL (mail to Village residents, Residents’ Home Services, or The Country Club of Florida) may be placed in the designated “VILLAGE MAIL” opening on the left side of the mail service window located in the foyer in Village Hall. Federal Express (FEDEX), UPS, or other special delivery parcels are directed to the residence and NOT held at the Post Office.