Living in the Village

Residents enjoying cocktails by the pool

A combination of Carleton Blunt and Robert Harris’ creativity, perseverance, and vision, the Country Club of Florida opened its door in 1956 in the hopes to provide a place for golf, friendship, and living to members of the community. However, more than just a home to golfing, the Village of Golf scenery deserves suitable tribute. From relaxing parks to a beautiful Country Club, even a place for horse stables, the Village of Golf offers our residents a true taste of Florida. The Village of Golf was incorporated by a special act of Florida legislature on May 30, 1957. A municipality built on a united passion for our community camaraderie, the Village of Golf offers the most comprehensive facilities and features.

More often than not, our visitors are impressed first by the Village of Golf’s physical assets. However, guests quickly both identify with and relate to the obvious camaraderie that exists within our community. Amongst the most notable features inside the Village of Golf is the particular aura that exists upon entrance. This special feeling is recognizable as soon as one meets our staff members or socializes with one of our residents. The Village of Golf embodies the word “community” in every aspect of its being.