Our History

old golfer shoes and clubs

Rich in history, our residents all share a passion for a distinct, recognizable culture within the Village of Golf. Formed in 1957, we are an incorporated municipality of the State of Florida, encompassing roughly 542 acres and including residential, agricultural, and commercial properties. Two commercial districts are located at the intersection of Military Trail and Woolbright Road, commonly known as Village Square Shopping Center.

Beyond the vastness and beauty of the land itself, our residents often refer to the Village of Golf as a municipality bound by shared interests and camaraderie. Our history speaks cultural volumes, as the past has certainly paved the way for our community’s opulent, yet unassuming future.

A full service community with the most superior amenities, the Village of Golf fashions the finest standards of living. In every capacity, the Village of Golf embodies the essence of sophistication, class, and magnificence. It all started with Robert Harris’ sighting of a valuable piece of land, prime for scenic golfing. As a golf course architect, Harris knew that he had spotted true greatness and used his golf course knowledge and expertise to express his promising plan.

Carlton Blunt

Carleton Blunt, the Village of Golf’s founder, was able to transform this proposed plan into a reality through creativity and perseverance. His goal was to beautify the home game of golf and create a place to accommodate social activities for compatible residents. Harris’ recognition of greatness, paired with Carleton Blunt’s vision, created a new era in community living. The golf course supports Carleton Blunt’s vision of our existing splendor: a portion of land ripe for picturesque golf. As our history describes, Blunt transformed seemingly useless land into a golf course that presents an endless channel for entertainment and socialization.

CC of Florida

However, Blunt’s vision stretched beyond a golf course. As a place to call home, the Village of Golf’s aura, atmosphere, and tone is simply beyond description. A collection of shared interests, a habitat for true friendship, and a direct outgrowth of our unique history, the Village of Golf is distinct from any community in South Florida. As it sits today, the Village of Golf has achieved all of Harris and Blunt’s objectives and more.

Undoubtedly, tradition and history lay the foundation for the extraordinary character of the Village of Golf. The word “paradise” is no exaggeration, but a true account of the unique beauty that exists within our country club, golf course, homes, and overall ambiance. Our residents and club members note a special euphoria present within this paradise, only elevated by the dedicated, passionate staff. Together, they formulate all that is the Village of Golf: a homeland for pure joy and lifelong companionship.