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Building permits are required for all construction (trade) work, or repair, involving a structural penetration of a building shell including doors, windows, roof repair or replacement of covering or sheathing, drilling, grading, earth moving, paving, sodding, fencing, or any other work requiring inspection by the Building Official.


ANY person, firm, or business must have a business registration to do any work in town. This registration is obtained at Town Hall and should be secured prior to beginning any work. Registration is a simple process that requires a company to have a Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt and a vehicle decal. Please contact Village Clerk Donn Lynn at 561-732-0236 with any questions. 


Permits may be obtained from the Village Administration Office.  The Village of Golf began accepting the Universal County-Wide/Municipal Building Permit Application Form in 2013.  


Building permits are required for several types of work in the Village. Please ensure you are familiar with the date and time restrictions for your project.


All permit applications and other documents may be obtained upon request from Village Administration.